Origins Chocolate Bars

Authentic flavours.


Like with wine or coffee, chocolate’s taste is partially determined by the environment in which the cacao trees grow. Cocoa beans from different regions have their own distinctive flavours – they are the “ambassadors” of the countries and regions they come from.

We create our carefully crafted SINGLE ORIGIN CHOCOLATES traditionally from cocoa beans to ready chocolate (BEAN TO BAR) in our own factory in Löhne. Only a few companies do that these days! Gentle roasting and 48-hour conching are essential to showcase the individual characteristic flavours in the cocoa.

Origins Chocolate Bars 100g

Origins Chocolate Bars 40g

Chocolate Round Trip. A seducing tasting tour.

Single Origin Chocolate.

The Perfect Indulgence.

Our SINGLE ORIGIN CHOCOLATES with equal cocoa contents are made according to exact same recipes and using the same ingredients.

With our traditional “BEAN TO BAR” manufacturing method, we create our carefully crafted single origin chocolate from cocoa beans to ready chocolate bars to showcase the individual characteristic flavors in the cocoa.

Enjoy the authentic cocoa flavours on your culinary journey with our SINGLE ORIGIN CHOCOLATE bars.