Our chocolate, our love.


We have recognised the need to save the environment already many years ago. Since the year 1995 Meybona has been producing high quality ORGANIC BARS - a fancy interaction between sustainability and culinary pleasure. 

Our range of ORGANIC BARS has grown steadily since then and now offers a wide variety of tastes including those with delicious fruits, nuts or melt-in-the-mouth fillings. Every single ingredient has been carefully selected by our master chocolatiers. To achieve the best taste and bring joy and happiness, we refine all our ORGANIC BARS with real Bourbon vanilla.

In our organic recipes you will neither find soya lecithin nor other vegetable fats such as palm oil. All our ORGANIC BARS are constantly subject to the highest quality controls and fulfil strict legal guidelines.

Organic Chocolate Bars 100g

Organic Chocolate Bars 35g