Traditional practice for good chocolate

Founded in 1923 Meybona looks at nearly 100 years of tradition. Emil and Luise Meyerkamp founded a sweets manufactory in Löhne-Bischofshagen, Westfalia, Germany.  

In the beginning, sweets, chocolates, confectioneries and jellies were manufactured and distributed regionally. However, people loved Meybona-sweets and our distribution area started to spread.

Technical progress enabled us to increase our production. We concentrated on chocolate bars and for the sake of quality and taste decided to take all steps starting from the purchase of cocoa inhouse. Chocolate lovers decide for Christmas- and Easter-bars - early versions of our illustrated chocolates - as presents for all opportunities.

The Meyerkamp-daughters joined in the company early and shared tasks: Anneliese Meyerkamp took over the commercial part and Ursula Deppendorf cared about the chocolate production.

The new generation brought another progress: Meybona chocolates bekame export articles. Since the eighties Meybona Chocolate enters the international markets.

In 1990 Emil Meyerkamp died. From now on, his daughters and his grandson ran the company. Axel Deppendorf first took over responsibility for the production and later also for sales and export - which he then continually expanded.

Greetings via a bar of chocolate - a great idea that spreads since 1998. A year later Anneliese Meyerkamp died. Ursula Deppendorf and her son Axel ran the company. The product range is continually expanded. Tasty new compositions and beautiful and funny greetings chocolates complete the catalogue. 

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